Commercial and Residential Driveway Seal Coating

Northeastern Stripes, a Pavement Maintenance Corp., provides Professional-quality Commercial and Residential Driveway Seal Coating Services for our customers with asphalt blacktop driveways. Our Seal Coating professionals have the experience and knowledge to repair driveway damages and prevent deterioration for just pennies per square foot. The result will be more money in your wallet and a driving and walking surface that is long-lasting, safe, and provide value to your property.

Commercial and Residential driveway seal coating involves the application of a coal-tar emulsion, which is essentially a heavy-duty water vapor barrier for your asphalt pavement surface. The frequency with which your property requires sealing depends on your particular circumstances. Typically, it is a good idea to add a new layer of seal coat every two to three years.

Northeastern Stripes will begin the process by cleaning your surface of debris and remove grass and vegetation from the edge where it may be overgrowing on to the asphalt. The grass has to be cut back away from the edge of the asphalt pavement,if this is not done annually, the grass will grow through the blacktop and break it down and eventually erode the blacktop. This is something the homeowner should do, spring and fall. Then we will repair any cracks in your asphalt pavement with NYS approved hot pour crack filler material. The tar comes in a solid brick form and has to be melted down to a liquid state approximately 350 degrees.A special pod is used to install the hot tar and fill the cracks to refusal. After the cleaning,edging,and crack repair are complete, we will apply one coat of coal tar emulsion sealer to the entire prepared surface. After drying, we will inspect and make sure there are no missed spots, if so they will be touched up with another coat as needed. Residential driveways are generally applied with a squeegee brush by hand. Some larger driveways may be mechanically sprayed. Our commercial grade sealer is used exclusively for either commercial or residential application. The commercial sealer has 1.5 lbs.of silica sand in the mix. The silica sand will help elevate slippery conditions that the sealer may create, and the silica sand will help fill small voids in the asphalt pavement. Northeastern Striping patronizes and uses products that are manufactured in the Tri-City area of Upstate NY surrounding the Capital District of Albany, NY. For Commercial applications, we have what we call heavy duty sealer. The entire parking area receives one coat applied with a squeegee brush and mechanical spray. After drying, a second coat is applied to the entrance, exits,driving lanes, fire lanes, all high volume traffic areas.

The final touch are the STRIPES!!!

Northeastern Stripes take great pride in the layout and installation of the stripes. The parking lots on every lot that we seal or parking lots that we stripe for other seal coating companies use us for their striping. We snap all lines to align and straighten. No banana lines. We center the handicap emblems, center all signage and arrows to ADA code requirements. NO short cuts ever. For residential back yard hoops, colors can be added and ofcourse the STRIPES!!!

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