Commercial Asphalt Paving

 History of Northeastern Stripes- Message from President

Northeastern Stripes, A Pavement Maintenance Company started in 1975 by restriping parking lots in the Capital District are surrounding Albany, NY.. I introduced myself to all the larger paving contractors and General Contractors in the area and offered my services.  I would receive the blue prints with all the details.  Looking at the drawings and installing the striping per specification.  Perservence and paying attention to detail, I became very good at what to do.

Capital District Paving companies, Commercial Property Owners, Property Management Companies, and General Contractors also required sealer work and Northeastern Stripes mastered striping on sealer.  By working with all of the major paving contractors in Albany, NY, I watch and ask a lot of questions.   The whats and whys of paving.  Some of my customers, would ask before I stripe, if I  could fix the pot holes, seal coat, and stripe.   While working and watching with the major paving and general contractors in Albany, NY., comparing what one company does versus another company, I took what I thought was the best standard practices, I learned from each company and took the best of what I learned and adopted my own set of guidelines and specifications, for paving, repair work, additions, accent streetprint, etc.. 

Northeastern Stripes, invested in the necessary equipment, little by little, to perform any and all asphalt maintenance projects.  Repairing, replacing, asphalt overlays, full depth repair work, seal coating and of course the striping.

I like the way I do things and so will you.  No short cuts. Ever.   If your project is to big for me I will tell you who can handle it and I can run the job for you and make sure that there are No Short Cuts.   Ever.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joe Kelley


Northeastern Stripes, a Pavement Maintenance Corp.,has the ability to be ready to handle all types of Commercial Asphalt Paving Projects. With the equipment and experience at hand, you can rest assured that your commercial asphalt paving job is going to be done properly. From blueprints to Parking Lot Installation, we can offer you a competitive price without sacrificing commercial asphalt paving job quality.

All of our commercial asphalt paving relationships we have built with Commercial Property Owners, Facility Managers, Engineering Firms, and Small Business owners provide solutions to all types of commercial asphalt paving jobs. We have all the tools needed to make sure your commercial asphalt paving job runs smoothly.

Our professional commercial asphalt paving teams make sure water is running properly throughout the commercial asphalt paving job. Whether making a recommendation for your catch basin or re-grading your lot, priority is put on the proper grade for your commercial asphalt paving job. Installation of curbing or parking lot stripes will be provided to you to complete your commercial asphalt paving job if needed.

Typical Projects Include:

  • Church Parking Lots
  • Medium and Big Box Retail Center Parking Lots
  • Industrial Park Parking Lots
  • Private Roads

Northeastern Stripes

A Pavement Maintenance Corp

4094 Albany Street
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